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Door Knocking For Real Estate Leads | First Impressions

Hey guys! Thought I’d share my experience with Door Knocking for the first time in my neighborhood here in Bowie. My first-time door knocking was a scary experience. I’m glad I did it though. If you are looking to start door knocking for new leads, go for it! Click here to watch my video on Door Knocking For […]

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8 Steps to Selling Your House Fast

Watch my video on 8 Steps To Selling a House: How to Sell Your House Fast! Selling a House is an art within itself that requires the necessary steps to getting your home sold as quickly and as effective as possible. Without following the optimal steps to selling your home, your home may stay on the […]

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Buying a House: Townhouse vs Single Family

Watch my video on Buying a Home: Townhouse vs Single Family House Buying a house in the near future? House hunters may find affordable housing to be tough in a large city. Real estate prices are going up each year making it harder to find the perfect home. Houses for sale not only mean a […]

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