My name is Carlos Fuentes and I am the Founder of The Baltimore Ear. I started this website as personal love project to the city of Baltimore and all of its residents and visitors.

I’ve been a Maryland resident for 23 years, and I noticed that on a regular basis I would keep reading about events that have already occurred, which I did not hear about in time to attend!

I also noticed that once it would get closer to the weekend, I kept searching for things to do with my family, and when I would consult friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with ideas, they mostly didn’t know themselves.

There is so much to do in Baltimore, so many places to see, so many events to attend and so many local businesses to know about… and it sometimes almost feels as though they have become a secret.

The Baltimore Ear has come to change all of that. Here you can expect to find local secrets, weekly family-friendly event guides, holiday guides and special roundups of businesses and locations.

I work in real estate as a REALTOR® with Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland, which means I get to explore Baltimore’s neighborhoods all day too. I consider myself somewhat of a “semi-professional rock climber.” Other than that, I watch a lot of YouTubers and love to read non-fiction books!

Thanks for being part of this community of Baltimore lovers and welcome to The Baltimore Ear!