Door Knocking For Real Estate Leads | First Impressions

Hey guys! Thought I’d share my experience with Door Knocking for the first time in my neighborhood here in Bowie. My first-time door knocking was a scary experience. I’m glad I did it though. If you are looking to start door knocking for new leads, go for it!

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First Impressions

I used an electric unicycle to maneuver my way through the streets of Bowie Maryland for real estate leads. At first, I was extremely nervous and nearly chickened out but pushed through and knock on the first house. No one was home which relieved some anxiety I had before going in but continued on to the next house.

Meeting My Neighbors

I went ahead and knocked on the front door of the second house and meet a young lady named Sarah. At first glance, I realized she may not have been the homeowner but carried on with my script nonetheless. I let Sarah know the reason for stopping by that day and went ahead and followed my script. She gave me her phone number and I thanked her for speaking with me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought!


After meeting with Sarah, I went ahead and knocked on her neighbor’s door. A mom of 2-3 kids opened up and greeted me. I introduced myself and proceeded on with my script. When she asked me for my business card was the exact moment I realized what I had done. I didn’t bring any of my business cards to our confrontation. Her husband later came towards me and went on to tell me how sketchy it was letting everyone know I am a realtor and not carry any business cards. I apologized to him and told the father I will proceed to bring business cards to every home I visit.


I met with four people that day and was pooped! I was exhausted and proceeded to lay down in the comfort of my bed. I actually did it! I went and introduced myself to neighbors that I have previously never met with. It was an eye-opening experience and I know, in the long run, the skills and relationships I develop here will transfer into success later down the road in my real estate career.

More Information

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