Buying a House: Townhouse vs Single Family

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Buying a house in the near future? House hunters may find affordable housing to be tough in a large city. Real estate prices are going up each year making it harder to find the perfect home.

Houses for sale not only mean a single-family home but a townhouse too. Today I go over 3 differences between both to help you decide on your dream house.

“I want a large quality living space, but I also want a yard outside, but I don’t want to pay too much”

This is a problem many people face when house hunting. When choosing between a townhouse or a single-family house, it’s important to figure out what your wants and needs are in order to make the right choice.

Most townhouses are similar in shape and style whereas single-family houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to understand what each home offers and what each home sacrifices.

Price Matters

Townhomes typically cost less than single-family homes but sacrifice land for living area. Townhouses provide a comfortable living space with a comfortable price tag compared to single-family houses in the same area

Single-family houses, however, offer vasts amounts of land compared to townhomes. The problem we face now is that homeowners pay a premium for more land. You are free to do whatever you please with your land as long as they meet your counties requirements.

  • Townhouse List Price – $270,000

  • Single Family List Price – $315,000


Townhouses usually cost less to maintain than single-family houses since townhouses are often tied to their respective Home Owners Association which you pay out of pocket every month. HOA’s typically cover general maintenance such as landscaping, roof repairs, siding, trash/snow removal, etc.

Single-family houses can either be associated with an HOA or not. Typically the homeowner of a single-family house covers the costs of maintenance and repairs made to the house, all out of pocket.

Final Decision

There are pros and cons with townhouses and pros and cons with single-family houses. It is up to you to let your realtor know what your wants and needs are when searching for a home.

Keep in mind the information given to you with this article and be sure to continue your research for townhouses vs single family houses. Wish you the best in your home search!

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